At Halda Watch Co. we create unique timepieces for specific applications and professions, taking timekeeping into the realm of true instruments and ‘systems on the wrist’. Two years ago we launched the Race Pilot, a watch that helped the work of F1 drivers, racing engineers and mechanics around the world. Now, by adding the Trackmaster, a tracking unit requested by both professional and amateur drivers, Halda takes the concept of timekeeping even further.


The complete Race Pilot Trackmaster is delivered in a handmade wooden box, featuring the unique and award winning Halda time platform. It is equipped with a strap in natural rubber and includes two interchangeable time modules. The mechanical module celebrates our passion for fine mechanics whereas the electronic module, our contribution to modern watchmaking, is filled with sophisticated digital functions. All the watches are processed and carefully handcrafted by Halda watchmakers at Halda Watch Co. outside Stockholm, Sweden.

The Trackmaster System

The Trackmaster is a military grade GPS unit handcrafted from a NASA certified material. When placed on the inside of the windscreen, it communicates wirelessly with the Halda Race Pilot watch. The Trackmaster automatically locates the racetrack with all its individualities and during racing it measures with a frequency of 10 times per second and an accuracy down to 1/100 of a second. The unit has an integrated 6-axis accelerometer measuring maximum G-forces.

During a race, the Halda Trackmaster shows the predictive lap timing in real time; how the driver is performing against the best lap. In other words, the Trackmaster gives the driver instant feedback with the help of a series of red and green light indicators.

Precision in every detail

The digital Halda race watch is based on an easy to use interface. After the driving session, the watch automatically calculates and presents:

  • Lap time for every lap
  • Top speed
  • Maximum lateral G-Force
  • Sector times
  • Best theoretical time

Essential data is presented in your Halda timepiece and information you wish to save is stored permanently in the watch. You can view your best lap times and performance from different tracks for many years to come.

Engine by Zenith

The mechanical module is powered with one of the best engines available, a movement produced by one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers, Zenith. It is a self-winding 38-jewel automatic movement that beats 28,800 times per hour with a 50-hour Power Reserve.


The Trackmaster is also available as a Race Set with the GPS unit and digital Race module only. The set is delivered in a handmade wooden box and a time platform equipped with a strap in natural rubber. Existing owners of the Halda Race Pilot can also upgrade their timepiece to work with the Halda Trackmaster unit.

You are welcome to contact us if you are interested in receiving more information about the Halda Trackmaster or if you wish to receive a quote.

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