Halda Watch Co 1887 has designed and produced 63 unique timepieces exclusively for Group 63 members. The Limited Edition watch for Group 63 is based on Halda’s previous models made for NASA/ESA astronauts and the Race Pilot that won the prestigious award - The European Watch of the year for Design Excellence. The watch is delivered in a handmade wooden box with two interchangeable time modules, one mechanical with a movement by Zenith and one digital Racing module with sophisticated functions. Together with the military grade GPS unit – The Trackmaster - this watch for Group 63 is the ultimate tool for racing.


The Group 63 Limited Edition watch is based on the unique Halda Concept – an individually numbered platform and docking system equipped with a strap in natural rubber. The platform allows you to change between the mechanical and digital time modules. The Halda Concept stands for functional superiority. The watches are processed and carefully handcrafted by our watchmakers at the Halda Watch factory in Stockholm, Sweden.




The mechanical racing module of the Group 63 Limited Edition celebrates our passion for fine mechanics and is powered with one of the best engines available, a movement produced by one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers – Zenith. It is a self-winding 38-jewel automatic movement that beats 28,800 times per hour with a 50-hour Power Reserve.


The digital Group 63 race module is developed in cooperation with racing engineers and Formula 1 drivers and based on an easy-to-use interface. The watch has timing functions such as world timer, alarm, chronograph and countdown as well as sophisticated functions specially made for racing. When it’s time for racing you will enter the race menu with functions such as:
  • Racetrack Information - about 150 tracks around the world
  • Performance Test - of your car
  • Racetrack Driving - functions for track racing to improve your racing
  • History Log - memory for important racing results
  • Battery - up to 2 years


The mechanical racing module of the Group 63 Limited Edition is powered with a movement by Zenith (caliber H685-Z) with a rotor in heavy metal decorated with Côtes de Genève and Clous de Paris. The case-back of the watch is equipped with a sapphire crystal with a magnifying effect.
  • 0-100 KM/H
  • 1/4 MILE
The Halda Trackmaster transforms the watch into an advanced racing instrument that will keep track on your performance in order for you to improve your racing results.

RACETRACK DRIVING When racing on the track and mounted in the car, the Group 63 Trackmaster clearly shows how the driver is doing +/- against the best lap in real time. It gives the driver instant feedback (being faster or slower than the best lap) using a series of colored light indicators in red and green – predictive lap timing. After the driving session the Trackmaster communicates wirelessly with the digital module that calculates and presents the following: - Lap time for every lap - Top speed - Maximum lateral G-force - Sector times - Best theoretical time

PERFORMANCE TEST The Group 63 Trackmaster also features a function for performance test of your car that calculates 0-100/200/300 km/h (or in mph), 0-402 m (Quarter Mile) and Top Speed over time.


The Limited watch for Group 63 is only produced in 63 individually numbered timepieces and the price for the complete watch is 77.777 AED, including transport to your address, excluding local VAT.

If you are interested to preorder a watch please contact the CEO of Halda Watch Co, Mr Mikeal Sandström at or the President of Group 63, Mr. Khalid Al Mulla at and then choose your unique number between 1 and 63.

We hope that you will find this Halda watch of interest. It has been designed by the Halda team and produced exclusively for Group 63. You are welcome to contact us if you wish to receive any additional information.

Yours sincerely,

Mikael Sandström
CEO and Watch Engineer
+46 8 7788478