The Halda Concept identified as ‘the future of watchmaking design’

Our concept of changeable modules has already been internationally recognized and awarded for its multifaceted qualities; ‘the functionality of being able to transform your watch in a matter of seconds’, ‘the non-compromising quality’ and ‘the impeccable design’ have been the justification. Recently the Middle Eastern issue of GMT Magazine also recognized Halda and our unique perception of how we look at a watch and our mission of developing watches for professionals. But never before have we received such acclaim regarding The Halda Concept as Europa Star’s‘ the future of watchmaking design’.

We are of course very humble about the concept which has characterized the modern Halda watch but with the implementation of an external unit for extreme applications, such as the Trackmaster racing instrument, we believe that we have expanded the limits of watchmaking even further.

Read Europa Star’s article here.

The Halda Concept