Introducing the Trackmaster by Halda – The most advanced watch made for racing

At Halda Watch Co, we tailor make timepieces for certain professions or individuals, as it started a long time ago, back in 1887. With the technological advancements of today we prefer the watches we produce being used as true instruments. Two years ago we launched the Race Pilot – a watch that assists the work of F1 drivers, racing engineers and mechanics around the world. Now, by adding the Trackmaster – a system that helps keep track of racing performance in real time – we have taken the concept of timekeeping even further.

The Trackmaster project was initiated after requests from both professional drivers and amateurs to develop a watch system that helps them keep track of their racing performance in order to improve their results on the track. The new Race Pilot Trackmaster is an advanced racing instrument for those who actually drive on a race track. When mounted in the car, the Trackmaster system displays, The Predictive Lap Timing i.e. how the driver is doing +/- against the best lap in real time. After the race, the watch calculates and presents:

• Lap time for every lap
• Top speed
• Maximum lateral G-force
• Sector times
• Best Theoretical Time

As a bonus for the short track gearheads, the Trackmaster also features a performance test that calculates 0-100/200/300 km/h (0-60/100/200 mph) and 0-402 m (Quarter Mile). All data is clearly presented in your Halda timepiece and the specfic information that you wish to save is stored in the History Log so that you can view your best lap times, for example at Nürburgring, during years to come.

The Race Pilot Trackmaster is delivered as a complete set in a handmade wooden box, featuring a docking station with a strap in
natural rubber and two watch modules: the digital Race module and a ZENITH-powered mechanical module. It is also possible to purchase the Race Set; the Trackmaster GPS and the digital Race watch only. Existing owners of the Halda Race Pilot can also upgrade their timepiece to work with the Halda Trackmaster unit.

Mikael Sandström, CEO, HALDA WATCH Co.

The Halda Concept