Time for Halda’s next chapter

Years go by fast even in the line of business dedicated to the art of time keeping. Realizing that it has already been almost two years since the launch of the first modern Halda, a sum up of the near past and an update of the future might be in order.

We are more than pleased to let you know that we have had more international customers for Halda Space Discovery than we expected. We have had the honor of delivering to several astronauts – both private but also professional astronauts that use their watches as instruments during research on space missions. We also received the prestigious Red Dot Design award in 2012 for the uncompromising Halda-concept of which the Space Discovery is based on. All this is great evidence that Halda Watch Co produce truly unique timepieces for truly unique purposes.

The first journey with the Halda Space Discovery has led to many new and interesting encounters pointing to an exciting future. However, what we are most excited about at the moment is the fact that we soon will be able to present a new Halda timepiece, developed for another extreme area with the highest of demands. We are very proud of this watch and we have once again managed to surprise even ourselves when it comes to what can be done in the world of watchmaking.

I know you do not want to miss out on this, so make sure to visit us again soon for more information on Halda’s next chapter. It’s really going to be something else, I can promise you that!

Mikael Sandström, CEO

The Halda Concept