Halda Race Pilot – the next chapter in the history of modern watchmaking

Every timepiece that leaves the Halda factory holds the promise of uncompromising quality that our founder once established and – at the same time, truly make a functional difference for the user experience. We are proud to announce yet another groundbreaking watch that challenges the best watch manufacturers in the world – the Halda Race Pilot.

The Halda Race Pilot is developed in close cooperation with race drivers and engineers. It is based on the same concept as its predecessor the Halda Space Discovery – a concept constructed for functional superiority featuring a time platform and interchangeable time modules created for optimal performance in their respective environment.

Once again two modules has been developed – one mechanical and one electronic, but this time the new timepiece from Halda is designed for a wider audience and will therefore not be limited.

The new Halda Race Pilot will be unveiled at Baselworld on the 25th of April and is guaranteed to make your motor run.

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The Halda Concept