Halda Space Discovery gets even better together with astronauts

We have been very pleased to continuously receive feedback from astronauts who are using the Halda watch as an instrument for research on a regular basis. Consequently the Space Module software has been updated according to their latest findings and demands. The Halda team has fine-tuned the G-Force sensors to optimize the measurements so that quick movements will be filtered, as it otherwise could disturb the measurement. The astronauts are primarily interested in measuring what G-Force the body is exposed to in different situations. We have also added the new function “Mission Mode”, which allows the display to be active all the time during space missions.

Naturally, owners of the Halda Space Discovery are more than welcome to update their Space Module at their earliest convenience, free of charge. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mikael Sandstrom
Halda Watch Co.

The Halda Concept